Thursday, February 28, 2013

Estrogen Highs - "Live at Cafe Nine" Cassette

Some people say punk, some say garage, even the term shoegaze has been thrown into the mix. Whatever you call Estrogen Highs, they are pure rock and roll and they prove it on their latest release (another great Safety Meeting Records release) “Live at Café Nine” on cassette. Yes, cassette.

This is straight-ahead-in-your-face live and raw music with no studio “magic.” One can see why Estrogen Highs are so widely acclaimed. Recorded at Café Nine in New Haven in January of 2012 by Fuzzy Rainbow, the band blasts off their set with a slew of new songs including a very Damned sounding song with, “The Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Times.” “Columbus Nightwalkers” has a Velvet Underground “Loaded” flavor, even including that John Cale/Lou Reed jam at the end. On the second side of the tape Estrogen Highs cut into their hit “I am Tradition,” which takes nods from early Brian Jonestown Massacre along with the likes of the more poppy Talking Heads songs. It’s no wonder with a song like this that the band is as big as they are now. The loudest, fastest, and most in your face song in the set is “Alley Man” in which singer/guitarist Stefan Christensen proclaims “enough bullshit.” However, enough is what we can’t get-those jangly guitars, solid bass lines, tight thumping drums, slight garage undertones, the David Bryne sounding vocals, the punk rock attitude and energy, the sweat and the swagger. The Estrogen Highs are real. They are raw. This cassette-only release will get worn out quick as you yearn for a replica of that cold night in January 2012. Estrogen Highs don’t play often but when they do they will leave you floored and this release is a true testament to this band and their live set.

Get one of the 100 copies of this cassette while they last here:

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