Friday, March 22, 2013

Nightbitch Commands You To Celebrate The Release Of Their New EP

Well, our favorite sleaze hounds, Nightbitch are about to release another vinyl EP, and guess what, they'll be celebrating this event with a show at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford this Saturday. The "Chainmaker" EP features two new 'Bitch jams, "Disrober" and the title track, as well as a cover of Deep Purple's "Into The Fire". These along with the "Peculiar Worship" cassingle which just came out a little while ago and feature the first recordings with drummer Chris Taylor Beaudette's killer pipes. It should get you all hot and bothered for a full length which is surely soon to come. (See what I did there?) So we decided we would send some questions to guitarist Ryan Adams and here are his answers, probably written in between viewings of Jess Franco flicks. Below we touch on the new release, the vinyl release show and the potentially controversial "yacht rock" project that has been mentioned in other circumstances. Enjoy. (And remember Nightbitch also features Mark Eles on bass. Don't want to leave him out.)

So what have you been up to since we last spoke to you? It seems you released a cassingle, "Peculiar Worship", and will now be releasing the "Chainmaker" 12". Keeping busy? We've been pretty busy finalizing everything for the release of the "Chainmaker" vinyl. It's been a long time coming and it will be a great relief come Saturday to finally have it out there. Then we can get back to our regular routine of fighting over which songs to cover while calling each other falses and c-words. We also had the good fortune of having a lyric video made by the supremely talented JR Winthal for "Chainmaker". We're beyond stoked on it. Our friends at Ear One, who are releasing "Chainmaker", have hired the fine folks at Earsplit PR, so we've been doing a bit of press which has been really cool. Apparently, I can talk about Danzig and shitty movies all day.

 The two new releases are the first recorded vocals of drummer/vocalist Christopher Taylor Beaudette. Why did it take so long? And what do his vocals bring to the table? "Chainmaker" has been recorded, mixed and waiting to be released for well over a year now. We initially thought we had someone to put it out, but that fell through. It can be extremely frustrating, sitting on a release, but it's not a race. A lot goes into putting something out and it's best to take your time and release something all parties involved are 110% on. We feel like everything really fell into place with Ear One. I've been friends with Mike and Jay (the forces behind the label) for YEARS - as I have with Bill Connolly of No Visible Scars - and when you're working with people like that... hard to call it "work". More like scheming. Haha The "Peculiar Worship" cassette single came about pretty quickly. We were supposed to open for Paul Di'Anno back in January (something got fucked up with his visa and the gig got rescheduled) and we wanted to have something special for it. The original plan was arrogant as fuck. We were going to make about 30 tapes that you could ONLY get at that one gig. Whatever was left over, we were going to burn (and then the piss). If you got it, cool. If not, you missed out. But then the gig fell through and the two songs came out WAY better than we could ever have anticipated (we recorded it in our practice space all ghetto-like). Enter Classy Billy Connolly and 150 copies were pressed on ultra-chic yellow cassette tapes. So we were able to retain some of the original intended arrogance. As far as what Chris' vocals bring to the table... more Danzig comparisons and less Ozzy? Haha. In all seriousness, we couldn't be happier with Chris' performance. And he's only getting better, so I'm really excited to see where it goes from here.  

What can expect from the record release show? Will it be another fiery night? Everything you've come to expect from an evening with the Bitch and so very yes more. Guest DJ's Max G Morton, and Rick from Redscroll Records will be spinning the classics in between bands and after, questionable exploitation / occult flicks will be screened and we've got a real humdinger of a drink special in store! All of these strategically calculated to erode your morals, dissolve your inhibitions and get your lazer burnin' white fuckin' hott in the night! Bad decisions? RAD DECISIONS!  

And what are the future plans for the band? More shows? Touring? Forming a yacht rock project? We need to know. We've got the Diamond Head gig next month at Dewey's Pub in Seymour, which we're really excited about. It's their smallest show in like 20 years and only 100 tickets are available. Later that week, we're playing the pre-party for the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, which is quite an honor. Of course, there's always stuff in the works - and yes, that includes the controversial "Nautical Excess" EP, you dirty dog!  

Nightbitch "Chainmaker" EP Release Party featuring: Nightbitch Magic Circle Thrillhouse Saturday March 23, 2013 Cherry Street Station 
491 North Cherry Street Extension Wallingford, CT 
 9pm - $6 - 21+ Ask about "The Sapphic Sister" shot.

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