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White Bronco Rides again! Interview with Andy & Jordan.

Andrew Carey and Jordan Harrelson get around. No, not that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. Andy was in ska heroes Cobra Skamander as a kid, he also fronted one of the best Connecticut punk bands in the last decade known as Hand Grenade Serenade. Jordan is the front man of punks Chasing Trinity, plays drums for garage rockers Street People; he also played bass for indie kids The Cavemen Go. Together they are in the ska punk band The Hempsteadys.  They also make up half of New London rockers White Bronco.  Get a glimpse inside the minds of two of New London’s most talented musicians.


What is White Bronco to you?
Andy - White Bronco is our escape vehicle in a slow police chase down the highway with our best friend driving and a loaded gun in our mouth. We started White Bronco after Hand Grenade Serenade broke up and I had A bunch of rock songs and wanted an outlet for them. HGS sort of felt Like we had to have one foot in a certain sound and White Bronco there's more freedom. It’s a way to hang out with my best friends and write and play stuff we love. I think right now we all really love it and can't wait for practice even. It's nice to be in a band where no one wants to stop playing and hanging out at the end of the night.
Jordan - White Bronco is a group of friends that make really honest, pure and loud rock & roll. Andy is one of my favorite lyricists because he's not afraid to put himself out there and he writes songs that people can identify with.

Both of you are in a few bands, some with the same styles, some with different styles.  Is there any other type of band you’d like to be in?
Andy - My time is full, sometimes I'd like to do a straight rock band or a more straight forward punk band but I think I'd get bored with either of them.
Jordan - I love playing in all of my bands but i have always wanted to be in a really spastic math core band. Basically Dillinger Escape Plan during their Calculating Infinity tour.

If you can boil it down (as hard as it may be) what 3 records changed your life?
Andy - Definitely Springsteen’s' “Born to Run”, I have pictures of me at 5 Pretending to be the Boss. The other two might be “Dear You” by Jawbreaker and “Streets of San Francisco” by the Swingin’ Utters was like one of the few perfect albums I've heard.
Jordan – “Something to Write Home About” by the Get Up Kids. “Plastic Surgery Disasters” by the Dead Kennedys, “Pinkerton” by Weezer.

Will Jon Logan ever return from Portland (referring to the song “Fuck Portland”)?
Andy - Yes. Soon. He would prefer if we didn't disclose when, so he can keep up his Kerouacian mystique.

What are you currently listening to?
Andy - A friend just showed me the Paul Baribeau cover album of Springsteen songs so it got me on a kick of old Bruce stuff. Downtown Struts is on my record player right now.

I hear a bit of the Replacements and Mudhoney in your songs. What/who would you say is the inspiration behind the sound of White Bronco?
Andy - I love the Replacements but I never really listened to Mudhoney and now I'm going to do that. Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil are probably the biggest influences. We just want to be honest, and we don't want to sound like anyone else, and we want them to be good songs.
Jordan - I know Andy loves The Replacements but I think we draw inspiration from all types of music. Genesis loves metal and grind core but he also likes T.V .On The Radio
Why Carl Weathers?
Andy - I could answer that, but if you asked me why not Carl Weathers, there would be no right answer.
Jordan - Because Apollo Creed.

Cake or Pie?
Andy - Pie. It could be a meal not just desert.
Jordan - I have diabetes but cake. Hahaha.

If you could join 1 Connecticut band for a day who would that be?
Andy - I love the guys in my bands. If I had a day to hang out in a band I'll just stick with my guys.
Jordan - Mates Of State

What is the best movie about rock and roll?
Andy - There's too many awesome one's to pick. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is my favorite and Decline of Western Civilization 2 is amazing.
Jordan - Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story.

What is your favorite club to play in?
Andy - I prefer house shows. Give me some living room with a house full of people and a bunch of punks sitting on the front porch.
Jordan – The Oasis Pub in New London, Ct

Favorite pizza topping?
Andy - Gorgonzola and Artichoke
Jordan - Bacon?

What does the future hold for White Bronco?
Andy - About to tighten up our newer songs and record an EP, hopefully put itout on a 7 inch if the Hempsteadys 7 inch goes well. We feel powerful right now so we're going with it while it’s here.  My goal in life has been to write the great American rock album. So our future is that or trying to do that but instead we put out a bunch of mediocre crap that will sit in my garage for ten years. Or maybe Genesis will get deported, Jordan will leave the farm and join the rebellion, Briggs will leave us for some touring hard core band, and we will just breakup. The future is unwritten, and that's a good thing.
Jordan - We're doing a lot right now. We've been writing so much new material and we can't wait to get out and play it. We're probably going to be playing more shows and we plan on going into the studio soon. We're all feeling very motivated and excited for the future.

Black Flag or Minor Threat?
Andy - Minor Threat. It just lifts you up and you realize you know every word to every song.
Jordan – Minor Threat.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Andy - Blake Schwarzenbach is an American treasure and the most under rated artist/poet/song writer of our generation. So, him.
Jordan - shouts to all my lost boys and big ups to my brother from another mother Jeffery Thunders

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