Saturday, March 23, 2013

2nd Annual CTINDIE.COM SUMMER MIX TAPE Submission Request!

I know it keeps snowing and getting warm but that just means it's time to start gearing up and thinking about summer again! Last year's Summer Mix Tape D60 was so successful, we put the link in the top right corner of our page and there it has remained into the new year, still acquiring hits steadily. So we are gonna do it again, this year. Send us your music to or just drop box it to us using the link on the right side of the screen.

Submission Guidelines:

You may submit as many tracks as you like. We will select our favorite and put them on the tape. We may choose one or two songs depending on a multitude of factors (total running time of tape, how much we really like the songs, etc...). There are NO genre restrictions, and I would like to add that we generally prefer stuff that's harder to categorize.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JUNE 1ST! So get us your tracks by then.

These sequences will then be constructed for release in the first week of June on our SUMMER MIX TAPE SOUNDCLOUD (yes, the old tapes will be taken down). Also, like last year, we here at will make (at our own personal expense) CD's and/or Tapes to be passed out at shows all summer for FREE. I know last year we proliferated 100 sets of the double CD and nearly 50 double tape sets. We encourage, nay, IMPLORE all of you featured on the tape or not, to make and distribute as many copies of these mixes as possible. Get the word out about your favorite bands. Tell everyone how impressively abundant CT music really is!
And get yourself psyched up for a long awesome summer of dope ass shows.

To remind you all of how awesome last year's double tape was, here they are (for now!)

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