Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Danbury Lie - ?

The Danbury Lie are back with a errie and high quality recording called "?"

The first thing to notice right off the bat is the level of production on this thing. The last time we reviewed The Danbury Lie is was for their home recorded eponymous EP. This set of songs was recorded over at UP Recording in Seymour.

This set of songs really showcases the guitar prowess of this band. They noodle and pluck angular licks. They make eerie chord progressions. "In The Rain" is particularly creepy, with nearly amelodic vocals matched by chugging guitars and sleepy organs.

"The Final Thread" is more in that experimental vibe that the eponymous EP kind of hinted at. These guys do know how to rock but I think its the odd element that sets them apart. They certainly know how to make weird progressions! Another great example of this is "Onward". It sounds like a mid-point between "I care" and "I don't care." It does this without sounding bored, which is a pretty tough feat. The buildup and thrash at the end of "Onward" really drives the spastic point home that this band can decide to change everything up at a moments notice!

This is a big step up from what was already an interesting listen. If these guys keep going in this direction with this intensity then we will all be fortunate to witness some expansive and challenging rock songs.

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