Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wrist Like This Cassette Review

Any band that Matt Potter is in I have to take a second look at. So when he came up to me at The Oasis Pub one night and was going on about this new band, Wrist Like This, I knew immediately that it was something I needed to listen to.

Fast forward a few months and Wrist Like This have released a self-titled cassette. Eight songs all in-fifteen minutes of fast screaming hardcore mixed with a bit of spacey art noise rock. Sounding like something from the late 80’s underground, Wrist Like This are an assault on all senses. They feed your need for punk rock, hardcore, art punk, and just plain ol’ fashion underground rock and roll.

Cleen” starts out the cassette with a combination of the more punk sounding Melvins songs mixed with the faster/louder Circle Jerks songs and ends with the smashing of a tambourine that sends shivers down your spine. The third track “EMT Polka” keeps right in there with that classic hardcore sound thanks to singer Todd Romanella’s spastic Keith Morris style arrangement and drummer Jay Curland’s thumping beat, mixed perfectly with guitarist Matt Potter’s take on something that sounds like a Hot Snakes track. Bassist Christian Moore starts out “I Like Where It Landed” which within seven seconds turns into something that sounds as if it could be on the Dead Kennedys “Frankenchrist” record. Todd Romanella does a spot on Jello Biafra and before you know it the band ends the song and destroys you with the next one.

You Broke Me, You Bought Me”, Another song where the mix of the art sound of Fugazi comes into play with something that would fit into Black Flag’s “Slip It In” or “My War “ records. “Suicide is my 401k” is the final song on this cassette that ends too early and makes you hit that rewind button to hear it all again. Hearing this record one can feel as if this band should’ve been signed to Sub Pop before Nirvana made it, or they should’ve toured with Husker Du. Part of me is glad they are here for us to enjoy. Punk is not dead, it is alive and well in New London and Wrist Like this are a true testament to the argument that it’s alive and thriving.

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