Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Scream I Scream, Dr. Westchesterson, Ladyhips at Arch Street Tavern on 3/9

Very eclectic show coming up on Saturday at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford, You Scream I Scream is playing with Dr. Westchesterson and Ladyhips!

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Doors: 9:00pm

9:45 - Ladyhips (Hartford)
Ladyhips are a band out of Hartford, CT. We combine influences ranging from all over, as the members of the group perform insuch ensembles as combos and orchestras. From Bach to Bird.

11:00 -You Scream I Scream (Connecticut/Nantucket)
You Scream I Scream (Nantucket/NYC/Connecticut) is at its core a three-piece band with distorted bass guitar and vocals (Floyd Kellogg), Rhodes and synth (Jake Vohs) and floor tom-driven drums and big cymbals (Audrey Sterk). The music’s unique fingerprint is part Talking Heads in its beats and the lyrics’ sometimes dark playfulness, and Floyd’s vocal stylings—baritone singing and yelling contrasted with “bitchy girl” backing vocals—and stripped-down instrumentation can be reminiscent of Morphine or Soul Coughing. Bug in a Light, the band’s debut album, led to opportunities such as performances at Hip Video's CMJ Showcase at Maxwell's in Hoboken and WBRU's annual rock showcase at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, along with several catchy music videos shot by Brendan "Spookie" Daly in Hartford, Conn., and on Nantucket, landing spots on MuchMusic’s "The Wedge,” MTV, New York Noise and YSIS released their second record, Zookeeper, in October 2012. It was recorded in Hartford and mixed in St. Louis by Floyd with fellow producer Carl Nappa. When not busy designing and painting murals everywhere and recording/producing fellow bands (such as NYC's Steel Phantoms and The Sweet Ones) at their studio in Connecticut, You Scream I Scream plays high-energy, loud, electro-grunge shows around New England and New York.

12:00 -Dr. Westchesterson (Western Mass.)
Dr. Westchesterson proved himself a prodigy at a young age. Demonstrating an aptitude for the sciences as well as a proclivity towards the arts, he matriculated from high school early and attended Amherst College on full academic scholarship. At Amherst, the Dr. designed his own course of study, combining a major in biochemistry with horticulture classes at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts.

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