Monday, April 29, 2013

Gun Outfit bring their dark, captivating indie rock to BAR

At one point, indie rock band Gun Outfit was based out of Olympia, Washington, but the weather proved too much for their principle members Dylan Sharp and Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, both) that they both decided to head for warmer climes, and landed in Los Angeles a few years back.

You see, despite what some people might say about the tight knit community based around that Pacific Northwest town, their move was made for very important reason: the weather.

"Well, we moved because of the sun and it was that we grew up in Olympia and it was time for a change. It was the sun for sure," said Keith. But before you think moving to La La Land and getting more rays, has changed the band's disposition, well their new record "Hard Coming Down", which is out right now on PPM Records, is the band's darkest to date. The tempos are a little bit slower, the lyrics deal with heavier themes, and many of the songs have a tragic country dirge feeling to them.

It is bit a departure from the ramshackle, up tempo bassless indie garage rock of their previous album "Dim Light". "I think there is more room for the lyrics on this one and I'm writing more lyrics this time too. Some that contributes to it. Maybe it's darker because there is more room for the darkness to seep in," said Keith. "Hard Coming Down", which also features the playing of drummer Dan Swire and bassist Anton Seder, shows the band slowing down a bit, and indulging in a bit ramshackle, garagey country rock just like Crazy Horse, or the slower, sadder songs of the late, great Dead Moon.

There are still nods to their more frantic past, and yes, they have a bassist, but they have crafted another fine album that can sit proudly among the other ones in their catalog. While other albums may have been the party, this is for when the party is over and you are all alone. They are currently on an extensive tour that will take them to BAR in New Haven for a free show this Wednesday.

After a long break between records, they are ready to jump back into the frey into being a fully functional band. "We are just going to keep playing and work on some of the short films we have done. So we will be keeping busy," said Keith.  

Manic Productions Presents:Gun OutfitSpace OrphansThe River TigrisWed., May 1, 2013BAR245 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT 065119pm - 21+ - FREE

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