Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iceage w/ White Lung, Fins and Blessed State @ Lilly's Pad Public on 4/18

Copenhagen punks Iceage are coming to Lily's Pad @ Toads Place in New Haven to kick your eardrums in! This promises to be a huge show, and joining Iceage will be White Lung, Fins and Blessed State.

From the Facebook Event:

Iceage w/ White Lung, Fins and Blessed State
Thursday, April 18th
@ Lilly's Pad (Toad's Place Upstairs)
$12 ($10 advance) / 7PM / All Ages
**Tickets On Sale NOW


If you're reading this, you're probably part of whatever is left of the music press in 2011. There is no reason to explain the state of modern, relevant punk rock to you; you're paid (in one way or another) to know it all. Fittingly, there is no reason to outline any scene reports or regional histories that brought about the formation of Copenhagen's Iceage. Its members are teenagers, presently 18 or 19 years of age, and as with most people that age, it doesn't do any good to cite influences. Rather, Iceage mixes punk, post-punk, Goth and hardcore as if they invented it, and does such an excellent job of blending these tropes with the pent-up energy and frustration of the just-post-pubescent years of young mens' lives, that they might as well have.

New Brigade is Iceage's debut album (licensed from Escho Records of Denmark); 26 minutes of anthemic stress, of tension undiluted by worldly wisdom or amassed experience. Following a seven-inch single (recorded by Peter Peter, of the Sods and Sort Sol) and compilation track, New Brigade displays a confidence that substitutes worldly experience for the thrills of discovery, of knowing that it is possible to forge your own path in light of adults, the establishment, and prevailing wisdom telling you to do otherwise. In this tradition, New Brigade's twelve songs rush past, long enough to hit you in the chest and short enough to make you wonder what happened. YouTube shows Iceage's live shows to be frenetic, sometimes violent affairs with very little compromise in the way of sound or concept. You may get pushed around. Deal with it. This is a punk record from a punk band that plays punk shows. American audiences will get their first chance to see them play this summer, once they finish their current year of high school.

There likely will not be a record of this type so singular and stunning until Iceage makes another one.

White Lung are known for their furious yet melodic approach to punk. Since adding guitarist Kenneth William in 2009, Mish Way (vocals), Anne-Marie Vassiliou (drums) and Grady Mackintosh (bass) have received nothing but critical acclaim for their distinct brand of punk and their tight, live stage shows. White Lung’s debut LP It’s The Evil (Deranged Records) was Exclaim’s Punk Album Of The Year in 2010 and the band was nominated for Punk/Hardcore Artist/Group of the Year at the 2011 Canadian Music Week Indie Awards.

Their second LP Sorry (Deranged Records) was released spring 2012 and pushed the band to a wider audience, receiving critical acclaim from SPIN, Pitchfork, Bitch, E! Music. Sorry landed on “Top Albums of the Year” lists Exclaim!, Magnet, amongst others while Rolling Stone marked Sorry in their “Top 10 Albums Of The Year”. Sorry was also nominated as “Best Album Art of 2012″ by NME and made the shortlist for “Best Album Art” by Art Vinyl in London. A vinyl exhibit was held worldwide from Japan to Britain to Sweden. The band has toured through out North America extensively and went through Europe and the UK Fall of 2012.

New Milford, Conn’s Fins channels elements from the past in a way that keeps the music cutting-edge. The group’s distinctive style can only be considered other worldly. They’re noise punk with melody—blistering your ear drums as the group soars through sonic auroras. Fins have been generating scuzzy, moss pop in the rural sprawl of northwestern Connecticut since early 2012. Rejecting most social conventions the trio spend their nights hacking melodies from their dense, woodland surroundings. After touring in various noise-punk projects over the past five years, Fins are ready to take their searing snake rock sound straight to the moon… or where ever they crash land first.


Blessed State
Hailing from Western Massachusetts, Blessed State play heavy, melodic Revolution Summer-style hardcore, taking nods from classic bands such as Husker Du, Swiz, and early Dag Nasty while also current bands such as DC's Give. Featuring members of harder-edged acts such as Iron Hand, Fugitive, and Ratzinger, Blessed State takes their more hardcore influences and runs them through a sonic filter of fuzzy melody.

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