Monday, April 1, 2013

The Arc Agency Presents: Loma Prieta and Goodtime Boys Take Prospect on April 4th

California's Loma Prieta (Deathwish Inc) have spent the past month making their way across the US (including a stop in Austin for SXSW) and will be stopping in Connecticut this Thursday at the VFW in Prospect. If you saw them last year at The Saddest Landscape's record release (where they arguably stole the show) then you already know what to expect. Since 2005, Loma Prieta have released four different LPs (including 2012's IV) and two 7"s of their trademark angular, screamy and aggressive hardcore which at times channels Saetia, Off Minor or Ampere into bursts of heartfelt aggression. Joining on this tour, coming all the way from the UK are Goodtime Boys (Bridge Nine) whose new LP What's Left to Go is one of the freshest releases I've heard recently in an otherwise derivative field of melodic hardcore bands.
Also playing are Mean Man's Dream from New York and Boston, featuring members of Soul Control, Wasteland, Relics and the recently disbanded Vaccine. You may recall seeing them on Record Store Day 2012 in a secret location (also with The Saddest Landscape, oddly enough). Their demo is available for free on their bandcamp page.
Rounding out the lineup are CT's own homegrown talents, Heavy Breath and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Heavy Breath digitally released the Muddy Life EP in December, available for the price of your choice on their bandcamp page. Battle Stag Records will be releasing it this summer as a one-sided 12" in partnership with Riotous Outburst and Redbeard Records. Girls recently put out a 10" called You Will Always Be Relevant to Me, also through Battle Stag.

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Loma Prieta
Goodtime Boys
Heavy Breath
Mean Man's Dream
Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Lame that someone stole Ethan Rilly's cover art for Philip K Dick's "Flow My Tears the Policeman Said".