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Will Hayes of Wolves At Bay sits down and talks.

Wolves At Bay have been on a non-stop ride of touring and writing for the past year.  They are one of the few bands in the area that are out there “doing it”, and it shows. They are full of energy and are one of the most tight knit bands in Connecticut today.  They signed to Animal Style Records out of Los Angeles, CA  ( a label that also includes Connecticut hardcore heroes With Honor) and are now on the verge of releasing their second full length record titled “I Was the Devil Once”.  I recently sat down with Will Hayes who is the Singer/guitarist of Wolves at Bay and this is what he had to say…

Everyone asks what the bands influence is, but what are your influences?

Cursive, Rival Schools, Crime In Stereo, Thursday, Further Seems Forever, Bright Eyes, mostly for the last few years

Why were you the devil once?

The name “I was the devil once" derives from my constant back and forth about all the things the last two years that have happened in my life. Weather with personal relationships or my cousin passing away. I felt like I lost my head for a bit and was running around wondering why I constantly screw up and drive everyone away. It certainly has taken a toll on me, but writing this record certainly helped me out a lot overcome a lot.

The record sounds like it can be something that Jesse Lacey would’ve written, how much of an influence is Brand New on your writing?

When I was younger I always loved Brand New but I don’t think I fully understood them and their writing structure until the last few years. Reading how he writes and how the songs might have a simplistic backbone but layered and structured so beautifully I really learned a lot from. Brand New, Cursive, Rival Schools and Radiohead I learned a lot from writing structure for this record.

Wolves At Bay have been touring a lot.  What city do you look forward to playing in the most?

We toured a little last year but the last 6-7 months we have been slower with that on the count of us not having a steady drummer. We have one now and we can’t wait to tour a lot more which we are booking for the summer. I personally love playing in Pennsylvania. They have a very "open arms' welcoming to us always and have made some great friends all over from there

Where in Connecticut do you like playing in the most?
Nothing at all beats hall shows in Connecticut I wish more still went on, but they are starting to pop up again which is really exciting.  

So you’re a Smiths fan.  What is your favorite Smiths record?
Every Smiths record is great and has songs that define that bands whole discography. I'm pretty generic and still think "The Queen Is Dead" is my favorite, although "Strangeways, Here We Come" I feel like I understand more growing older.   

“I Was the Devil Once” was produced by Nick Bellmore (who plays drums for metal gods Toxic Holocaust, and for Jamey Jasta’s side project Kingdom of Sorrow) at Dexter’s Lab Recording in Milford CT. What made you decide of Nick to record/produce/and mix the record?

I have known Nicky for years and have seen him grow into such a talented person. Weather it was drum playing, recording, or producing his ideas always add so much to mine. He would make the smallest change or re arrange just one part and it would bring the whole song to life so much more. I owe him so much more than he charged us for all the support he always gives me.  

Do you have any advice to younger bands that are planning a tour? Considering you are now seasoned veterans at it.

I can honestly say we are still learning about touring and hopefully we get to tour an immense load more. I would say that you can’t expect too much too fast. You actually can’t expect anything. The biggest thing I see is people not working together and thinking they are owed some sort of worth for doing such a small amount of work. We are all musicians writing about things that bug us deep inside. We have to help each other out as much as we can  

What records are you currently listening to?

The Good Life – “Album of The Year “
The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”
Cursive – “Domestica “
Handsome – “Self Titled”
Able Baker Fox –“Voices”
 AFI –“Black Sails in the Sunset”
Call It Arson – “The Animal Strings Album”
And basically anything Tim Kasher related lately.

Would you like to give any shout outs to anyone?

If you haven’t ever heard of Dexters Lab Recording check them out now and record there. He actually cares about what he’s doing and doesn't just press play.

 Check out Will and the rest of his Wolf pack on the interwebs at...


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