Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TEEPEE / Ghost of Chance / Florida=Death @ Cafe9 on 4/9

Psychedelic drone wizards TEEPEE are coming to Cafe9 for what promises to be an extremely eclectic evening of weird sounds. Joining them on the bill are local favorites Ghost of Chance and Florida=Death! We got the details here for you below as well as an INTERVIEW with the fine people of TEEPEE.

From the Facebook Event Page:

Tuesday April 9

Teepee (hypnotic drone, psychedelic sounds from Miami, FL, HoZac Records, Night-People)
Once a vital member of Miami's sun-bleached garage rock scene, notably as the former guitarist for the elusive Electric Bunnies, Teepee quickly developed a reputation for hypnotic, tense solo performances that mixed droning experimentation with psychedelic pop, synth rock, and punk. First time in New Haven. Show us some love and we shall return. Feed us pizza and we will love you forever.

Florida=Death (very accurate description of Florida, post 9/11 jazz, Obscure Me Records, AMOD Records)

250 State Street, New Haven
Here is a little interview I did with all the members of Teepee via email:

lets start with your names duties:

Erix Laurent: Axe #1.
Andrew McLees: Wall of sound.
Dion Keith Kerr IV: Battle drum.

what are your current favorite songs?


This Heat "Cenotaph"
Roberta Flack "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (so effing good)


Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Sermon"
Can "Halleluhwah"
Floor "Iron Girl"


Rogue Timecop "Life/Death//Lifestylenycmix"
Booker Little "Quite, Please"
Pylon "Tiptoe"

tell us about your latest release?

Erix: The new album is called Distant Love or: Time Never Meant Anything, And Never Will. It was produced and mixed by Albert Ovadia and mastered by the great Brian Lucey. Distant Love took about 2 years to complete and now we're here to present it to YOU. The album deals with certain encounters I've had with people and the meaningless of time.

tell us a crazy tour story?

Andrew: We met an elderly organ donor in D.C. who rolled up to a pizza shop in a limo, accompanied by an extremely attractive mother and her daughter. It wasn't all that strange at first, but later we found out he had given the daughter one of his kidneys, and was sleeping with both of them. Apparently he "finds people organ transplants when hospitals can't." Then I almost got in a fight with some drunken idiot who was harassing Erix in the pizza shop. Less weird: we got to play with a litter of pug puppies in Philly, sleep in an abandoned home in Chapel Hill, and I met Gentleman Jesse in Atlanta, whom I dig a lot.

Dion: On a Chronic Youth tour we crashed our van into the venue's gas pipes, which were dangerously close to a bon fire. We dipped out quick and a second later, tons of police and fire trucks passed us on the way to the scene. Not sure if the place blew up or not, but we smoked a joint anyway.

favorite piece of equipment?

Erix: Dave Smith Tempest Analog Drum Machine. It's AMAZING.

Andrew: It's a tie between a custom "Twosome" dual fuzz pedal from the guys at Blackout Effectors and an Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay that I use for controlling feedback.

Dion: My Music Man 112 RD guitar amp. Our buddies from Cop City/Chill Pillars had one. I just loved the sound, So i found one myself. Everything sounds like you are on Mars through this thing.

what should we in CT expect from your live show?

Erix: A wall of lush drones and ambient rock music.

Andrew: Possibly a fog machine. 

Dion: Good vibes, three chill dudes, and a lot of fruit.

any words of wisdom for our locals?

Erix: Eat more fruit.

Andrew: Turn off your TV.

Dion: Locos only.


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