Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New school heshers Cauldron get ready to lay waste to Dewey's Pub in Seymour with NWOBHM legends Diamond Head

Metal has splintered into many different genres of extremity over the years, but despite the fact that there will always be some band trying to take it louder, faster and growlier, there will always be a need for bands that honor the past by playing prefix free metal. You could call this keeping it tradish, but these new sets of band look to pay homage to the traditions of the past, mainly the early-to-mid eighties by playing music that is full of galloping rhythms, monster hooks, boundless energy and in most cases clean singing. Granted they do all this with a modern touch.

Toronto heshers Cauldron are one such band that have been keeping it tradish since their inception in 2006. Over the course of three albums and one EP (and just as many drummers), this group of Canadian rivetheads has been flying the flag for traditional metal, and according to bassist/vocalist Jason Decay this is the type of music that speaks the most to him. "I don't know what it's like for other people, but for me it happened 27 years ago when I first heard bands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. It's about good songwriting, maybe even the crunch of the guitars and the youthful energy that is appealing. It will always be the best music to me," said Decay.

On their new record, "Tomorrow's Lost" which will finally see a North American release on April 30, through the partnership of metal label powerhouses Century Media and Earache, after being available in Europe and the UK since October of last year, the band further refines it's hard hitting sound, giving the listener another dose of high energy no bs metal. "This one improves upon the style we have established on past releases. It's more streamlined and to the point," said Decay. It also features the return of drummer Chris Rites (Crystal Castles) to the throne for just this one recording. (Myles Deck is now the band's full time drummer.) Decay said Rites stepped in when he had a little time between his myriad of projects and the band was in need of another drummer. So they decided to go with someone familiar, who also happens to be very talented and respected in his own rights. They left Rites the demos right before they went on tour and he had drum parts ready to go when they came back. Add to this some of the best face melting solos from guitarist Ian Chains, and songs that run the gamut from fast to slow, but always catchy, and you have another quality release to add to the band's run of quality releases.

The album's delayed North American release date has worked in their favor. You see, they were planning a North American and it is being released at the right time to capitalize on it, especially since the band will be opening for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal heroes Diamond Head on select dates of that legendary band's North American tour. For a band like Cauldron, this is a dream come true. "This is pretty exciting for us, because not only do we get to tour with one of our heroes, we also get to play fan boys at the same time," said Decay. Some will wonder how the band got on a tour like this, but if you listen to Decay you'll see it's all about hard work. Originally, the band was scheduled to play their hometown Toronto date, but then Decay made calls to other promoters to get his band on the bill on other cities in Canada such as Montreal, from there they planned their upcoming North America tour around the Diamond Head dates. So they could open for these legends and also do their own headlining dates on off nights. The heavy metal stars aligned for them. (It also must be noted that the show in Connecticut will be in the intimate setting of Dewey's Pub in Seymour, which is only selling 100 tickets for the show. It will be Diamond Head's smallest gig in years and will also feature local occult sleaze rockers Nightbitch and Scars Of Mary, as well as Cauldron. This might be something you don't want to miss out on.)

After this dream tour wraps up, Cauldron will be playing the Metallica curated Orion Music And More Festival in June in Detroit. There also might be another European tour in the works depending on how well these tours are received. They also have rough sketches for about 8 or 9 new songs, which they might be booking studio time for, depending on their tour schedule. So this is a chance to see one of the new leader of traditional heavy metal, play with one of the all-time legends of heavy metal in a small club. Don't be a false. ATR PROMOTIONS PRESENTS:Diamond HeadCauldronNightbitchScars Of MarySunday April 14, 2013Dewey's PubSeymour, CT7pm Doors - $40 Adv./$50 At Door (Only 100 tickets available.) - 21+

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