Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chalk Talk w/ Black Churches @ The Space - December 20th

I got a message from one of my boys today to check out a band called Chalk Talk. Most of the time when I get these messages , the band is usually a Screamo band or a Linkin Park cover band. This time was diffrent. This time I got Chalk Talk. The only thing I can tell you about Chalk Talk is that if you're looking for a good local band you dont need to look any further.

The Space- Sunday December 20th
Chalk Talk
Black Churches
A Great Big Pile of Leaves
The Ghost Sonata
Doors: 7pm
Cost: $10


theneedledrop said...

This sounds pretty badass!

john smif said...

Yeah, the rest of the bands really arn't my style but Im pretty psyched to see Chalk Talk if I get a chance.