Thursday, December 31, 2009

tiny reviews pt. 5

Here's part 5 of a big set of reviews I did this week. If you want to see the full list of reviews, just click here.

Ipsissimuss - The Three Secrets of the Fatima

Pretty killer full-length black metal release from Ipsissimuss. The album is relentless and doesn't let you come up for air. It's got a bit of a reckless attitude and it's a bit sloppy around the edges, but it's good shit. You can pick up a copy on black, black vinyl from hot air press. The picture doesn't really do this one justice.

Fatal Film - Sisterwife

This EP has some songs that are catchy as hell. Fatal Film plays straightforward powerpop - distorted guitars, brash lyrics, and powerful rhythms. The tunes are danceable post-punk, and you can't go wrong with "Something in the Water." You can stream this album at their bandcamp site. In fact, you can stream all their stuff there!

The Mountain Movers / Titles split

The first thing you'll notice about this is the artwork - the vinyl is a picturedisc, front and back, and it looks great. Both bands really shine on this one. How Titles managed to fit two songs on here, I'll never know. Either way, this split is phenomenal, and it's another great release from Safety Meeting.

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