Friday, December 4, 2009

Tom Fazzini Back in November

Tom Fazzini neck to Neck
Not to backtrack or anything, but it's totally ridiculous that we never posted about Tom Fazzini coming to Cafe Nine on November 10, 2009. Locust Music recently reissued Fazzini's Neck to Neck on 180 gram vinyl, something I found out about on Mutant Sounds, and has been supporting the release with a tour.
Neck To Neck is a head scratching slab of warped primitive synth punk cut by a young Tom Fazzini in exile from a madness inducing tenure as a London postal carrier at Paul Dillon’s Complex studios. Originally released in 1984 on Gordon A. Hope’s short lived A-mission label (which also counted releases by Asmus Tietchens & O Yuki Conjugate), Tom Fazzini’s combination of minimal synth and brutalist /absurdist industrial songs had more in line with the broader discomforts of the early 80s international tape network, Family Fodder, LAFMS, Flying Lizards and Ralph records than the agit pop that dominated the Leeds music scene at the time. Once an outsider, always an outsider.
Granted this sort of thing does not have the wide appeal of more straightforward musical offerings, but the point being is that Connecticut sees many important underground acts come through thanks to a group of truly devoted folks. We tip our hats to each of you.

Have a listen to the track Fioriora courtesy of Locust Music.

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