Tuesday, December 29, 2009

tiny reviews pt. 3

Bottle Up & Go - Them Bones

NY's Bottle Up & Go is getting a lot of great press for this album - and although I admittedly wasn't that into them when I saw them open for Dead Meadow, I think the album is a lot different than they are live. It's a fun blend of open-tuning blues slide and don't-give a fuck punk screams. Released on Durham, CT's Kill Normal Records, this is cheap fix for when the whiskey runs out.

Giles Corey - self-titled

Giles Corey is the solo project of Have A Nice Life's Dan Barrett. If you're familiar with HANL, you'll be glad to hear that this album is also bleak and dark, but there's a lot of upbeat moments as well. It's still morbid, just in a slightly different way than what Enemies List has released before. I guess the best way to describe it would be black folk with prominent keyboards. The LP hasn't officially been released yet, but you can download some samples from last.fm. And it'll be available from Enemies List real soon!

Quiet Life / Widower split

I really enjoyed this 7" split by Oregon-based Quiet Life and Washington's Widower. If you're a fan of roots-rock, you'll be into these guys. If you're one of the thousands of people who like John Prine or Neil Young, I don't see why you wouldn't dig on this. They released this one through Safety Meeting, so I suppose I'm allowed to talk about it, right?

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Brushback said...

I really like the Widower song that's on the Quiet Life split. Kinda sounds like Ryan Adams a little...