Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pale White Moon - Call of the Wolf Peach

I'm a big fan of This American Life. When they started doing the television series, I was excited, and when I found out I could watch it on Netflix, even more so. So I've been pretty addicted to the show, and it was a big surprise to find out that a lot of the songs featured on the soundtrack come from a recording ensemble from New Haven named Pale White Moon. They're a large group that features lots of stringed instruments, looping pedals, and female vocals. Many of their songs are used on the show, and it's not hard to see why - they're exactly what you'd want for a soundtrack.

Their debut album is due out in March, and it's called “Call of the Wolf Peach.” The best moments of this album are the instrumentals, as they set a mood in just the right way. The music drifts in and out of an almost dreamlike state on tracks like "The Seven Year Cicadas" and "The Search for the Helium Three." Check out their myspace for more details.

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