Sunday, December 27, 2009

tiny reviews pt. 1

As the year is winding to a close, I figured I'd dig through the bin and yap about a bunch of albums and EPs. This is my holiday gift to you, faithful readers. Because I hate doing "best of" lists here's a bunch of quick reviews. No real rhyme or reason here, but be sure and check all these artists out. Pay attention! This is the stuff to snag. I'll publish these in groups of three every day this week right up until the new year.

Medication - Don't Die / Fog

Medication is the bedroom project of Mikey Hyde. This is his first official release, and it's a fucking killer. Perfectly warped reverbed-out pop tunes from start to finish. Both songs are so good, it's hard to see why this guy isn't huge right now. The 7" was only released as a very short run of 150 on HoZac Records in Chicago, and they're completely sold out. Fortunately, What Would I Want? happened to upload it for your perusal. Anyway, he has a full-length LP that just got released and should be in my oven mitts real soon - I'm super-psyched!

ovlov - Crazy Motorcycle Jump

Remember listening to Pinkerton on repeat thinking it was a perfect album? Then you might like ovlov. A lot of their music comes sounds like mid-90s pop punk, in the best way possible.

Put on your headphones and grab your skate deck, because this is the perfect soundtrack. You can download their new EP "Crazy Motorcycle Jump" for free right here.

The Black Hollies - Gloomy Monday Morning / Heart of the Country

Believe it or not, I saw this in Newbury Comics the other day - I was kind of surprised, it looks like Los gets around! Anyway, The Black Hollies are from Jersey, but they're not typical Jersey dudes. Their music is straight out of the 60s, and this 45 is probably the most vintage-looking modern release I've ever seen. As always, the packaging is pristine - and so are their tunes. They've got a sleepy psychedelic sound that instantly takes you back in time about 40 years. You can pick up this gem at Safety Meeting Records. Keep in mind this is a single off their full length release "Softly Towards the Light" which is incredible.


Brushback said...

The Medication LP is genius, everyone should buy it.

nipsauce said...

ovlov is CT's best band in ages.