Monday, December 28, 2009

tiny reviews pt. 2

Ponybird - Full Cold Moon

Ponybird is the project of Jennifer Dauphinais, and Full Cold Moon is her first full release. An introspective minimalist folk album with all kinds of strange instrumentation that drives you to madness; it's an intensely personal work, and it's still psychadelic and fun. The vocal harmonies are to die for, and the entire album just has this lush sound that I can't get enough of. It also features a ton of local musicians and names you should be familiar with if you read our blog regularly... You can stream and purchase the album right here.

Coldsnap - Godspeed

Wow, Coldsnap has come a long way. I wasn't as into their demo CD-R as Jay was, but this changes things a bit. This 7" has two great tunes on it. It's sludgy hardcore - stomping rhythm and killer riffs. The first track "Can You Even Hear Me Scream" is a doozy. Pick it up at hot air press. Hell yeah.

Crooked Hook - The Captain Will Be Your Guide

Crooked Hook is heavy shit, man. It's great stoner metal - I dare you not to love the hell out of this album. Everything's buried a layer of deep, wooly fuzz, and kicks a serious amount of ass. You can stream the whole thing on their, and snag a copy at Safety Meeting. While you're there, you might as well snag a copy of the self-titled EP which is equally badass.

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