Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anisette, Florida=Death, Pillow Skin, 2 Ton Bug - House Show

Florida=Death released their one sided 12" 'Depression Era Music' last year to little fanfare (at least on my radar). This absolutely blows my mind. It's gotta be somewhere on a vague ever changing top whatever list of 2009 for me. Apparently it's an improvised recording of bizarre sing-speak vocals over desperate and dirty percussion and loops recorded to 1/4 inch tape. It is also supposedly segments of a full length album with little to no information available since the Summer '09 release of 'Depression Era Music' on Hot Air Press.

2 Ton Bug are one of CT's newest noisier efforts from what I gather to be from the Weird Diner / PRGNT Records affiliated peoples. I could be completely wrong. They have no album for me to gush about nor have I seen them live but the promise of trash can drums is exciting enough for me.

Anisette are from Rhode Island but spend a lot of time playing in Eastern Connecticut. A recent line up change has brought them a beast of a new drummer. So much so that they re-recorded their E.P. "Fruit Salad" (which can be download for free at their bandcamp) to celebrate his chops. This band is a dizzying whirlwind of holy-fuck as the trio shreds with technical precision through their screamy post-hardcore compositions. If The Fall of Troy wasn't complete garbage you could probably compare the two acts (at least in ability).

Pillow Skin is some fat weird dude from Willimantic playing brief droney noise for the first time.

All of these acts will be playing tomorrow evening (April 9th 2010) at The Handsome Woman in Willimantic, CT.

Pillow Skin
2 Ton Bug

Friday April 9th, 2010
The Handsome Woman
email: for address

6PM | $Donate | Vegan Potluck

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