Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boy Genius, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt, Matt Gouette

Saturday, April 10, 2010, Tweefort presents:

372 Elm Street
New Haven CT

$4 clams - 10:00 P - 21+

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Let's start with Matt Gouette since he doesn't get out much:
The dreamy cover art and an opening instrumental prelude [on Emeline at the Moon Tower] go a long way toward setting listeners up for fantasy — suspending their disbelief and opening their ears to accept and get sucked into Matt Gouette’s personal, melodic universe. “What Do You Think” is a trashed-out garage rock tune, with a little Replacements and a little Sonic Youth shining through the seams. “I Want to Thank You” is a pop anthem you’d expect to run across on an old Matthew Sweet or Teenage Fanclub record. From there, the album gets softer and more melancholy for a while and the range of moods only continues to expand as you work into the deeper cuts. “Opinion” gets all electronic on our asses, in the spirit of New Order or Depeche Mode, with a catchy chorus that I only wish was the kind of stuff they still played in dance clubs across the country. File this in the records-I will-continue-to-listen-to-once-I’m-done-reviewing-them category. —Mike Sembos

Boy Genius are pretty much our hometown version of the Flying Nun bands back when there was still such a thing as college radio. I heard their bass player left, which sucks. But Jason K is the kinda guy that has run many miles while baking in humid 90 degree weather to make it on time to one of the last places a guy would ever want to have to be, only to find out that all that hustling was for nothing. Such nonsense is enough to make a good man go emo, yet Mr. K crushes such impulses with proper pop song craft. I tip my hat to the man and his band.

The Tyler Trudeau Attempt "write three-minute pop songs about feeling bad." There's a saying out there that goes something like this: all music critics like Elvis Costello because all music critics look just like Elvis Costello. You know, despite Brian being a music critic and fronting a band that happens to have a touch of Elvis Costello in there, he looks nothing like Costello. Maybe Eric Danton should have fronted The Tyler Trudeau Attempt instead.

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Brushback said...

Matt Gouette's got some good stuff. The cover of the last CosmoSingle CD with his name in Metallica lettering is hilarious.