Friday, April 16, 2010

Shark with Saint Bernadette TONIGHT

Saturday, April 17, 2010, Tweefort and ArtSpace Underground bring you:

ArtSpace Underground
ArtSpace New Haven, 50 Orange St (at Crown St.)
8 p.m.-11 p.m.
$5, All-ages, drinks by 116 crown

Tweefort brings the bands. The DJ, performance art and Lady Gaga dress-up contest are set-up by the ArtSpace.

A passing alien spacecraft accidentally zapped John Mordecai as a child with gamma rays while he was jamming on a toy glockenspiel one day. This turned him into a super hero, along the lines of the marker that Bill Cosby used in Picture Pages. If you listen closely, Mordecai will shuffle past you on a rainy day and you will hear the notes of a minor scale with each step. This totally true fact that I completely made up on the spot explains why he's everywhere on the keys, playing in Apse, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt, and now Shark.

Shark is a three-piece ethereal rock band from New Haven and Boston. The band is made up of Joe Mordecai (Chaplinesque, Instructions), John Mordecai (Apse, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt) and Josh Bleeks. The band's self-titled album got some impressive accolades in 2009.
This disc is a pleasant surprise ... Shark works, from the vamp melody at the end of "Feel the Fear" to the feedback-only "(-)" to points between ... A good candidate for listening in the car late at night or putting on the headphones and drifting off to wherever you want to go ...
-- David Riedel, New Haven Advocate

Saint Bernadette is a rock group from Bridgeport. Led by producer and guitarist Keith Saunders and femme fatale vocalist Meredith DiMenna, with mainstay slide guitarist Joe Novelli, bass player Brian Anderson and drummer Dave Valle, the quintet offers a boozy, erotically charged aural accord that meshes a disparate template of psychedelic-meets-arena rock, with a peppering of jazz, all candy-coated with sing-along choruses.

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