Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Watch I Need That Record at Pitchfork

Hey dudes, this week you can stream I Need That Record over at Pitchfork.

I had the pleasure of sneaking into this movie at last year's Kent Film Festival, and it is a damn fine documentary. It was directed by local filmmaker Brenden Toller, and tells the tale of the decline of the local record shop. Much of the filming is based in the New England area, focusing on record stores like Malcolm Tent's now-defunct but still completely awesome Trash American Style and others that have been slowly going out of business and closing their doors all across America. You'll see local record store icons like Redscroll Records and Turn It Up in there too. It features interviews with famous folks like Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Ian Mackaye, Lenny Kaye, Patterson Hood, Glenn Branca, Pat Carney, Legs McNeil and BP Helium.

Check out I Need That Record's website to find out more info about the documentary, and pre-order it online here, or get over to Redscroll Records on July 27th to buy a copy and keep supporting the local guys.

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