Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food Will Win the War, Sidewalk Dave, The Cavemen Go

Food Will Win the War, Sidewalk Dave and The Cavemen Go are all performing at a loft party in New Haven on Friday, April 30th at a place called Stone Loft.

Food Will Win the War are from Brooklyn, and play a folky blend of indie pop with unique baritone vocals. Lyrically their tunes are pretty funny, which for some bands can sometimes be stupid, but it really works for these guys.

New Haven's Sidewalk Dave play tunes that sound a bit like alt-country and a bit like slow-tempo dance pop. The music is upbeat without losing it's intelligence. Their stuff is fun and you'll might catch yourself singing along at some point while you listen to this:

<a href="">Weird Word for Strange by Sidewalk Dave</a>

The Cavemen Go are an all-time favorite for a lot of us. These guys really rock. For those of you not already flying your cavemen flag, they play vintage danceable indie pop, tunes that you can't get out of your head. They released their debut "New Lives" last year, so just buy it already, you bums:

<a href="">Forget It Claudia by The Cavemen Go</a>

Doors at 8pm. For more details, check out this facebook page.

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Brushback said...

I kinda like a couple of songs on the Sidewalk Dave album, people should check it out