Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sean Hayes, The Backyard Committee at Rudy's

Sean Hayes
The Backyard Committee
Sunday, April 18, 9 p.m.
Rudy’s, New Haven, $3.

Sean Hayes
is a singer-songwriter folk artist from San Francisco. His tunes are Americana laced with powerful vocals. He's got a great warbling voice, and his tunes are all dream-laced tunes with surreal imagery and fun lyrics. He’s only playing three east coast shows on this tour; Philly, NYC and New Haven, and for $3 you can't go wrong.

Also playing will be locals The Backyard Committee, from New Haven. From what I've heard, they play some nice alt-country tunes. At this point I've only heard what's on their myspace, but they put out a strong Wilco influence which is a really good thing.

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