Saturday, April 17, 2010

Popeye's Garage Open's Their Doors

Saturday, April 17, 2010:

"Here's to correctly guessing the voice actor, first snowball, when batteries ARE included, and doing weird things by yourself in a photobooth." Huh? Yeah, that's right:

The garage/warehouse thing next to Popeye's on Broadway in New Haven.

TONIGHT. Starting at 9:00 PM

Popeye's Garage is having its first event tonight, April 17. This new venue and art gallery got off the ground through the efforts of Mike Birnbaum, Stefan Christensen, Kate DeGraaf, and Kryssi Battalene and Michael Jack Patrick Donahue. Yes, these names might ring some bells: Birnbaum, as in D. Gookin, Kryssi Battalene as in Colorguard, Executive Toys; ex-Heaven People, and of course Stefan Christensen who plays in Estrogen Highs, Medication, Ink, Iron Hand, and Ehgeizig. Not to mention that he also runs Never Heard of It Records. Oh, and he published a story in the fifth issue of The Dirty Pond. Stefan, dude, chill the fuck out already.

Popeye's Garage will host shows, art openings, film screenings, record fairs, flea markets, and any number of other events until this July when the space will either be sold by the owner, or hopefully not sold, in which case they will keep going.

The line up for tonight's show according to the Facebook Even page is:

Pearly (members of Teeth Mountain)
Roman Wolf / D. Gookin melt of some kind.

Then, on April 23, Popey's will host Dark Circles (punkest punk band from CT), An Historic (accordian jams from Adam Matlock), Bella Reese (harsh noise), and Stefan/Kryssi (acoustic guitar set by Stefan and Kryssi colorguard).

April 24 is going to be Bluejay (brooklyn), Zillion (purchase, ny), and 2 Ton Bug.

Both shows will be starting around 6:00 PM and will go until about 11:00.

The plan is also to have their first gallery opening up this weekend, and there will also be a noise show on April 22 with MLU from Cincinnati, and a clothing swap on Sunday, April 25.

This is all so overwhelming. I think we need a moment of silence to deal with this awesomeness. ...... I said shut the fuck up for a second! ..... There. See? Better.


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