Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amy Speace, Lys Guillorn @ Cafe Nine - May 5th

Next Wednesday, May 5th singer/songwriters Amy Speace and Lys Guillorn hit the Cafe Nine for a night of folk/americana geetar-twang.

Amy Speace
Photo: Crackerfarm, NYC

Speace, who is currently on tour in support of her newest disc 'The Killer In Me' (Wildflower Records), has been riding a wave of acclaim both for her off-beat songwriting and for her heartfelt performances. In regards to her newer material Speace explains, "In many ways, it was the hardest thing I've ever done. And in some ways, it was the easiest. Writing the songs was emotionally difficult, deep and intense--it was kind of an exorcism. But in the end, the songs flowed pretty quickly. You write the things that you're afraid to say out loud." As Speace alludes to, the songs on 'The Killer In Me' tend to fall into the darker side of the spectrum but never lose their footing. Instead she seems to be able to take such difficult emotions and channel them effectively into a memorable set of country-tinged folk songs. The album's title track, in particular, exemplifies Speace's talent for bringing out her emotions in both song and performance.

New Haven, CT.'s Lys Guillorn mines much of the same musical territory as Speace however with a much more organic feel. Now long a stalwart on the local scene, Guillorn has made a niche for herself creating some truly unique songs, both musically and lyrically. Performing this particular show in 'full band' format, Guillorn mends folk and country influences with a healthy of dose of old-time americana, and even psychedelica. Her bluesy vocals compliment the combination well, creating a much more convincing 'world-weariness' than Speace.

Lys Guillorn's "My Lullaby"

Although musically similar, Speace and Guillorn offer just enough differences in their approach and content to keep the listener on their feet. For fans of female-fronted folk, country and americana, make sure to stop by Cafe Nine next week.

IfWhen You Go:

Wednesday, May 5th

Amy Speace
Lys Guillorn

@ Cafe Nine
250 State Street (at Crown Street)
New Haven, CT. 06510

Show begins at 9pm SHARP.
21+ / $8 cover

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