Monday, May 3, 2010

Record Giveaway Contest!

Because Sound Matters


Ladies and gents, we are offering up a contest for you vinyl-heads out there. Because Sound Matters has made available a selection of their collectible LP releases for CT Indie to giveaway. You will be able to choose one title from this list of goodies if you get the win!

Here are the titles:

Built to Spill: Perfect From Now On
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Yellow Vinyl)
Devo: Freedom Of Choice (Red Vinyl)
Green Day: Dookie
Hüsker Dü: Candy Apple Grey
Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking
Jane's Addiction: Ritual De Lo Habitual
Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (2LP)
Nirvana: MTV Unplugged
Nirvana: Nevermind
Oasis: Definitely Maybe (2LP)
Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? (2LP)
Prince: Purple Rain
Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks
Talking Heads: Talking Heads 77
Wilco: Being There

The contest is a creative one. Browse the list of albums above. You must create an image (it can be a photo, illustration, painting, whatever) representing the way in which one of the records, or a particular song from one of the records, impacted you when you first heard it, or what it still means to you today. We encourage both seriousness and parody. We cannot allow nudity or anything offensive.

You have until Friday, May 14, 2010 to complete and then email the image to us. Email the image to our exclusive CT Indie Contest email: ctindiecontest [at] gmail [dot] com. Please provide a very brief caption with your image explaining which record and/or song it is based on.

These images will then be hosted on the CT Indie Facebook fan page after the submission deadline (Friday, May 14, 2010) in a photo album for Facebook users to peruse. Everyone will have until Monday, May 31, 2010 to vote using the "Like" button on the image. The image with the most "likes" by the voting deadline gets the win!

If you are not a Facebook user, you can still technically enter, but you will not get to interact on the Facebook fan page. The CT Indie Facebook fan page is here.

Entries do not have to be based on the exact same record that a contestant hopes to win. We encourage Connecticut locals to be the only entrants, but understand our neighbors might jump in too. However, if it is a Connecticut based artist that wins, we will happily promote your studio, work, and/or website with a post about your win on!

Once the image is emailed to us, we reserve the right do whatever we want with it. Specifically, we will be taking it and posting it on Facebook, so if that bothers you, then hold off until the next contest.


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