Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Vultures, Skeletonbreath, and 420 Blackbirds

Saturday, May 8, 2010, Safety Meeting presents:

372 Elm St
New Haven, CT

$5.00 - 21+ - 9 PM

From the FB event page:

While the rest of CT is going to be skanking it up at Toad's, [Safety Meeting] will be delivering the rock at Rudy's. Chances are you probably saw Skeletonbreath and The Vultures rock Cafe Nine about a year ago for the Vultures record release show, but if not, here's your big chance to get your face melted off by some of the area's best musicians. Here's the Deal:

The Vultures are a surf, punk, skate, whatever-works power trio that's constantly evolving but never laming out. We released their LP, Chingus a while back and those who own it will tell you it's 12 inches of pure fucking awesomeness. We still have a couple copies left, so bring some extra loot with you.

The 420 Blackbirds make the psychobilly music in such a fashion that it makes all other "-billy" bands sound lame and samey. They used to rule the late nights of many a dive bar as the Danglers, before the man made them change their name in a lame attempt to subdue their rock powers. Luckily for us, they're still the same band, rock just as hard, and bring on the good times just like you remember.

The last time Skeletonbreath played in New Haven, many people lost their minds and got a little sweaty to the unlikely sonic assault of drums, bass, and violin. Their Safety Meeting LP, Eagle's Nest Devil's Cave, is one of the most unique records we've had the pleasure of working. Trust me when I tell you, these guys can put on a show.

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