Friday, May 21, 2010

Popeye's Garage, Judge's Cave released, Estrogen Highs news

Here's some interesting news: Popeye's Garage is on Wordpress. There is a little info about their first gallery opening and the schedule for the remainder of the month of May. Popeye's Garage is also on MySpace, including their event schedule.

Now check this out - Never Heard Of It Records release number 006:

Judge's Cave: The Hidden Sounds of New Haven

Featuring 8 of New Haven, CT's finest. Judge's Cave is a 4 cassette box (3 C30's and 1 C10) with zine (features history of Judge's Cave and information on each band on the comp). The boxes have all been hand spray painted/stenciled. Limited to 66 copies. The bands are...

Medication (first ever full band recording)
Sudden Walks (pre-Estrogen Highs, from aborted LP recording session)
Permanent Feels (Stefan from Estrogen Highs solo and EH demo tracks)
Roman Wolfe (synth explorations from 1/2 of Arabian Blade)
Colorguard (noise and a little Patsy Cline from 1/2 of Heaven People)
Female (noise and synth weirdness)
Ehrgeizig (black metal from some of NH's usual suspects)
Bible Frost (more black metal, crushing!)

US/Canada $25 PPD
World $30 PPD

paypal to jsgc138 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Finally, maybe best of all, Estrogen Highs will be on tour August 13-22. The last two shows with Chip on drums will be two Cafe Nine shows, one on June 5 (Ideat Village) and one on June 10 (with Jacuzzi Boys and The Beets). New drummer kicks off maybe in late June. Werd to the herd.

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