Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kimono Draggin', Straight To VHS @ Cafe Nine - May 13th

The carnage continues at Cafe Nine next Thursday, May 13th with another killer billing featuring local rockers Kimono Draggin' (New Haven) and Straight To VHS (New London).

Kimono Draggin' have long been producing some of the most original music on the local scene. Zappa/Beefheart fans to the bone, Kimono Draggin's brand of intricate avante-art-rock builds upon their influences and then some. On their latest discs 'We Are The Dudes' and 'Space Orphans,' the trio careens from song to song in a blur of bouncy melodies, off-the-wall musicianship, complete band freakouts and tongue and cheek arrangements. Each song is an adventure of sound and insanity, the listener never quite sure where they'll end up once the band takes hold. Live the band translates surprisingly well given the complexity of their material, often surpassing their studio recordings with sheer energy and unpredictability. If you've yet to catch Kimono Draggin', its high time you did.

Although not quite as acutely weird as Kimono Draggin', New London's Straight To VHS should fill out the billing well. The band's reckless garage-rock (and really what other kind of garage-rock is there?) contains an inherent energy that is hard to describe but easy to experience. Released earlier this year, Straight To VHS's self-titled EP is definitely worth a listen, especially lead-off tracks 'Hey' and 'Self-Titled' which rank up their with the Estrogen Highs as some of the best pure garage rock Connecticut has seen in a while. For fans of rock n' roll at its most primal, Straight To VHS most definitely brings it home.

Overall this show should be a flippin' mess, and you should will kick yourself if you're not there.

Consider this a warning.

If When You Go:
Thursday, May 13th
Kimono Draggin'
Straight To VHS
Cafe Nine
21+ / 9:30pm / FREE

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