Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Closely Watched Trains, You Scream I Scream, Kaboom @ Cafe Nine - May 7th

This Friday, May 7th, Cafe Nine welcomes the 1-2-3 punch of New Haven's Closely Watched Trains, Brooklyn/Providence's You Scream I Scream and New Haven's Kaboom.

Closely Watched Trains has been riding a wave of critical acclaim since the release of their self-titled debut on Twin Lakes Records last year. The New Haven Register singled out the album as the best local record of 2009, describing it as "an amazing blend of ebullient folk and rock. The band shows no fear of experimenting with different genres, all the while keeping things entirely cohesive. It is, simply put, from beginning to end, a killer disc that features many songs perfect for a Wes Anderson film." Without a doubt the band likes to keep things fresh, breathing new life into folk and roots rock with a wide range of instrumentation and arrangements.

If your looking for something a bit weirder but no less interesting, Brooklyn/Providence based You Scream I Scream should fit the bill. Featuring a range of fuzzed out guitars, synths, keyboards (did I mention toy piano??) and percussion, You Scream I Scream shares C.W.S.'s love of unique instrumentation, arrangements and catchy-as-hell songs. Where You Scream I Scream departs though is in their knack for locking into some pretty funky, almost danceable grooves on some songs. Although they might not scream as much as their name suggests, You Scream I Scream will definitely suck you in.

Opening the night will be New Haven's guitar and drum duo Kaboom. Self-described as "low class music for high class people," Kaboom can best be described as a mix of garage-rock, stoner-rock and overt-'70s style raunch (Spinal Tap anyone?), all in duo format. Needless to say, it should be interesting how they translate live.

If When You Go:
Friday, May 7th

Closely Watched Trains
You Scream I Scream
Cafe Nine
21+ / 10pm / $6 cover

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