Friday, May 7, 2010

Sing Me To Sleep: Indie Lullabies

If you're an older music nerd with kids like me, then you're probably playing music around your kids all the time. And you probably, like me, welcome their opinions about the tunes, too. In fact, my son just recently laid the criticism down that Jónsi shouldn't have sung in English on his new record because he didn't think it sounded as good. It hadn't even really crossed my mind, but I guess I agree with him. My daughter loves the new Nervous Systems record that Brushback turned the CT Indie camp onto. But she also loves Lady freakin' Gaga. You can't win all the time.

I have no idea what they're going to think of the new American Laundromat Records compilation Sing Me To Sleep: Indie Lullabies. All that Jay Reatard that we drive around to might have corrupted them beyond hope. Whatever their take on it will be, right off the bat, starting with track one, I knew this was going to be a comp worth listening to all the way through. But I had no idea how touching it would be. Hearing this record was like when all the Whos down in Whoville started singing, making the Grinch's small heart grow three sizes.

Sing Me To Sleep is a collection of newly recorded lullabies and popular songs re-imagined as lullabies by everyone from Dean & Britta (Dean Wareham, formerly of Galaxie 500 and both he and Britta Phillips are formerly of Luna) to Neil Halstead (Mojave 3, ex-Slowdive), including a cover of Pure Imagination from the eternally classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory by The Rest. Even Moon River, which went from Breakfast at Tiffany's to become a punchline, gets a lounge rendition by Tanya Donelly perfectly suitable for softly fading evenings.

Sing Me To Sleep may be intended as a children’s album for indie-hipster parents, but it's truly for anyone that likes well produced chilled out indie music. I highly recommend every note of this record and have to say that American Laundromat Records should be extremely proud of this release.

All proceeds from this wonderful album will be donated to The Valerie Fund, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive health care for children with cancer and blood disorders.

There are two editions that will be available on Tuesday, May 18, 2010: a limited 1st pressing that includes a healthy batch of bonus material, and a standard release.

The track list:

1. Asleep - Stars
2. Have You Forgotten - Jenny Owen Youngs
3. Little Boxes - The Real Tuesday Weld
4. Inchworm - The Leisure Society
5. Pure Imagination - The Rest
6. Dear Prudence - Casey Mecija (Ohbijou)
7. Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Dala
8. Can't Get It Out Of My Head - Telekinesis
9. Making Me Smile - Dean & Britta
10. You And Your Sister - O+S
11. Moon River - Tanya Donelly
12. Cloudbusting - Neil Halstead
13. The North Wind Doth Blow - Snowbird
14. Rainbow Connection - Trespassers William

Limited 1st pressing only:

15. Strings That Tie To You* - Julie Peel with Field Mouse & Hailey Wojcik
16. You Are My Sunshine* - Peter Broderick
17. Gymnopédie No. 1* - Coctails
18. Kiss Off* - Say Hi
19. Boys Of Summer* - Papercuts
20. The Sound Of Silence* - The Abbasi Brothers
21. Edelweiss* - Laura Gibson
22. Moon River "Blue Mix"* - Tanya Donelly [7" vinyl only]
23. Kafari* - Sigur Rós [7" vinyl only]

American Laundromat Records (ALR) is an indie record label based out of Mystic, CT. Best known for producing tribute compilations, the label earned praise for its 2008 charity record “Cinnamon Girl - Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity” which to-date has donated over $30,000 to Casting For Recovery, a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. Other ALR projects include the recent Cure tribute “Just Like Heaven – a tribute to the Cure”, and “High School Reunion – a tribute to those great 80’s Films!” which All Music Guide called “One of the finest tributes ever amassed!” Artists who have contributed to ALR projects include; Matthew Sweet, They Might Be Giants, OK Go, British Sea Power, Tanya Donelly, Kristin Hersh, Frank Black, Lori McKenna, Veruca Salt, Jill Sobule and John Doe, The Submarines, The Wedding Present, Joy Zipper, Dean & Britta, Mogwai, The Dresden Dolls, and Julie Peel. ALR’s new sub-brand, “Indie For Kids,” is dedicated to delivering quality kid-friendly songs to the offspring of indie-loving parents, while benefitting select children’s charities.

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