Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Rundown: 5/7-5/9 plus a touch of Monday

First things first, your homework for this weekend is to enter our record giveaway contest. If you're feeling lazy this Sunday, you could pull that shoebox of pictures out from under the bed and find yourself some inspiration. Have fun with it!

Tonight, 5/7/2010:

Brown Bird Rudy Relic, A Slow Death, Dead Uncles, The 40's at The Whitney House

Closely Watched Trains, You Scream I Scream, Kaboom at Cafe Nine

I.M. Legend, The Day Spring at Old Stone Church (251 Main St, East Haven, CT) 6pm – 10pm

Local Metal Showcase After the Last, The Premier, Send Your Regards, and more at The Space (7pm – 11pm)

Spring Heeled Jack with Tip the Van, The Organ Beats, Mellow Bravo at Toad's

Saturday, 5/8/2010:

The Body, Iron Hand, Escalator, The Hammer at The Whitney House

Spring Heeled Jack with The Pietasters, We Are the Union, Make Do and Mend at Toad's

Steve Wynn at Cafe Nine

The Vultures, Skeletonbreath, and 420 Blackbirds at Rudy's

Bear Hands and M.T. Bearnington at Oasis Pub

Erin McKeown at The Space

Ink, Karmic Justice at Daniel Street

Sunday, 5/9/2010:

The Cryptics, Colin and the Cancer, Long Drop, Play it Faster!, The Clefts at the Wallingford American Legion 6pm – 10pm

Monday, 5/10/2010:

Bill Nace / Paul Flahert Duo, Jack Callahan, Family Treasures, Supernaturalle at Popeye's Garage 6pm – 11pm

The Blow with Slam Donahue at The Space

Please comment about any of the shows we've missed and we will add them to the post!

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