Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Ton Bug bring you to THRILLSVILLE

2 Ton Bug stay true to form with their new 2-tracker "THRILLSVILLE" which just came out on the 4th of July via their Bandcamp.

While both songs are near exactly the same in length only one starts with that famous Ozzy hollar from Crazy Train. "School Stinks" starts that very way before fading into classic jangly 2 Ton Bug! Alle Kern hammers the vocals through wonderous delay. The call and return chorus really suits this band as a party entity. Somehow, again, this band manages to nod to things so far outside their immediate sound, like twangy country guitar with heavily synthesized and galloping "industrial" drums matching a high energy punk rock vocal freakout.

"Inside The Slime" has it's own intro joke/reference with Andre 3000 doing the start count from his most famous hit, from nearly a decade ago. "Inside The Slime" is darker, reminiscent of "Follow The 2 Ton Bug" from "Wedding Of The Century". A Dark low groove with a more than a few interesting left turns and breakdowns.

One thing is certain, this band was made to spawn instant parties.

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