Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New SPACE ORPHANS 7" - Shoegazy Giuseppi and Ricky Ritardo

Space Orphans have a new 7 inch coming your way, so ready your turntable for some new waxy goodness!

Shoegazy Giuseppi starts kinda hokey and light before kicking into action! Lots of top notch guitar action in this gem matched with expert drumming and gender flip-floping vocals. I was very attracted to the melodies in this song, which go from easy and fun to dissonant instantly! Fantastic and spastic outro to this song. SUPER high energy!

Ricky Ritardo is a different kind of song, massive drums throughout and blasts of distorted bass accompany a singing/shouting refrain. The technical aspects of this track are impressive! The speed and precision with which this band wields their instruments is obvious.

Simply put: Space Orphans fucken rock. Do your duty and get this 7 inch before it is gone and keep your eyes peeled for an LP soon.

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