Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Milkshakes “Wisdom Teeth/Milkshakes Split"

Come one, come all. Pop punk lovers must check out the CT side of this split, featuring a band called Milkshakes. Bands like this give me hope for the future of pop punk. This split is for everyone who enjoys the wondrous sounds of bands like Transit, Timeshares, or Title Fight.

My favorite song on Milkshakes’ half of the split is “Kalabar’s Revenge”.  Singer/guitarist, Tim Diltz, laments about a breakup. Yes, it may be another breakup song but, let’s be serious, they never get old. Tim’s lyricism tastefully touches upon the issue. The track ends up with Tim screaming a repeating refrain of, “You break me”.
When I listen to a pop punk album I look for a balance of screaming/rough vocals and singing. This is a hard attribute to maintain but Milkshakes’ pull it off flawlessly. I’m excited to see what they have coming up in the future.

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