Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Inclined Plane, Estrogen Highs, Purling Hiss at InterCambio – June 30

Live music struggles to overcome! (cue the movie trailor announcer voice and photo slide show!) In a world... when venues are getting shut down, or are turning into strictly art space, and at a time... exactly the time that Ideat fest organizer Bill Saunders was getting arrested for failing to produce a copy of his permit to have live music until 10 just feet away around the corner... At a place where the night's patrons whispered talk of InterCambio itself risking closure as a live music venue... 3 out of 4 bands scheduled to play took the stage and gave those in attendance just what they came for.

(Sorry, remind me to delete that introduction.)
The Inclined Plane played selections from The Backwards Frontier, delivering just what you'd expect- a range of moods created for you. On one hand, you get the feeling that you're a teenager in one of those old beach movies. (See the kids making cute little quips at each other on the beach in this greatclip, and pretend that the kids are dancing to good beachy music by The Inclined Plane instead of that silly music: ) Then, before you know it, you get a totally different feeling, as they play songs that would fit into some sappy penultimate scene of any teen movie with the main characters finally realizing they are in love at the big dance... The Inclined Plane shook things up, switching around to play each other's instruments, and delivering a great show.
Next, Estrogen Highs demonstrated terrific athleticism and audio aesthetic. The punk edge on songs from their latest release, Irrelevant Future , made for an energy-packed performance.
Purling Hiss continued the energy as they wailed through several tunes, including "Lolita" and "The Hoodoo," both of wihch have received some Pitchfork attention
The Young were supposed to play, but due to a family tragedy, they were unable to attend and perform. This was one of 3 dates that had to be cancelled by the Matador Records quartet from Austin, Texas.
It was another good rock show in New Haven. Here's hoping that these places and special events in the area do not continue getting shut down!

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