Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Guru / Art Decade / The Hiya Dunes / White Savages / The Ferns @ The Space 7/28

 CT Favorites The Guru are playing The Space this Saturday, so get down to Hamden and see an amazing example of CT musicians!

The Breakdown:

The Guru
The Guru is a 4-Piece rock band that was formed in Watertown sometime in 2009. On June 11th 2011 they released their debut studio album entitled “Native Sun”. All the songs were written and produced by The Guru and recorded and mixed by Eddie Seville and The Guru. Recently The Guru has started their own record label called Seagreen Records with the money they have saved up as a chance to release their friends music for them and to keep complete control over their own recordings and art. They are currently in the studio recording their new album.

Art Decade
Post-Pop from Boston

The Hiya Dunes

The Hiya Dunes are a rock n' roll quartet from Woodbury CT / SUNY Purchase.

White Savages

4 dudes being weird
"Afterwards, the Hartford-based noise punk group White Savages took the figurative stage (this was in a basement, after all), and scared the living shit out of just about everybody in attendance with their fundamentally tuneless ramblings and spastic instrumental freakouts. It’s the kind of music that I’m sure I would really love listening to if I were addicted to methamphetamine, which is to say it’s pretty fucking awesome. I was genuinely worried about the singer for a second though; I couldn’t quite tell if he was writhing around on the ground because he was ‘feeling the music’ or because he was having an epileptic seizure. Whatever the reason, the effect was definitely entertaining. I don’t think I’ll be listening to White Savages in my spare time very much, but if they play around here again I’ll probably see them, even if it’s just out of my own twisted curiosity. " - lewis and his blog

The Ferns

CT karate super stars since 2007

Tickets are 10 dollars!

Facebook Event Page

@ The Space 
295 Treadwell St Building H
Hamden CT

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