Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Humans: Single and Single (single!)

Two Humans hail from Wethersfield, CT and they are ready to make your summer more beautiful! With their new digital single "Single and Single" they bring you two new songs to fill your ears with joy!

Rooftop” is a summer song for sure! The tags at the bottom of their Bandcamp say things like: punk eclectic folk rock psychedelic but this one sounds like straight chugging summer rock and roll to me! The chorus is especially intriguing with its high energy guitar and vocals and groove out riff alternating. The urgent buildup and dismount at the end are pleasantly surprising when I see a track length of over 4 minutes.  It’s nice to see people who can do something interesting and enjoyable in over 4 minutes without boredom setting in!

No Remorse” is a fitting b-side as it is a slightly slower and more groovy song. It strikes me at first as being somewhat more delicate of a sound than “Rooftop” but it still has that summer vibe the whole way through. I love the wooping vocals. They seem to sound off triumphantly. This band covers so much ground in 2 tracks that I am looking forward to whatever longer set of recordings they surely have planned for us in the (near?) future.

Two Humans have clear prowess and intention and I for one am now a fan!

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