Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club

After one listen of Werewolf Police's Vulture Club, I was completely blown away (and still am). Their songs, extremely catchy dance tunes hinting, slightly, at 90s indie-rock, druges up images of colorful neon-lighted night clubs filled with brightly dressed girls dancing along to obscure new wave songs somewhere in NYC. Wow, was a sentence and a half... Anyway, Werewolf Police have a great sound that only gets better with each listen.

Getting down to the songs... they have, at times, a dark sentimental tone, yet are not cheesy in any way. In fact, they are reminiscent of early Guided by Voices. Perhaps, Guided by Voices meets Simple Minds? Totally New Wave.

The recording sounds like it came off an old mix tape, circa 1986, which has been sitting in a dank basement for 26 years. These songs should be recorded on better quality equipment for sure. The 4-track sounds neat, but doesn't do these amazing songs justice--Werewolf Police loses some of it's magic being recorded on 1/8th in tape. But, nevertheless, this band has the potential to become huge. Check out their stuff. Email the band and get them to play some more shows too.

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club EP - 03 The Only One by mexicanrobots

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