Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brian Grochowski - Now, Wait For Last Year

Brian Grochowski is in a LOT of bands. I first saw him drumming for The Gentle Stunts last year, and he did am amazing job. Then I heard he was in Sub Verso and now we are hearing a weird solo LP called "Now, Wait For Last Year"

This album has tons of "guests" featuring many locals we all know. Chris Cappello makes an appearance, Holden Palmieri from Breakthrough Frequencies, Jeremiah William Tillman from Birth Of Flower and Cal McNamara from The Gentle Stunts all show up and lend their talents to this interesting piece of work.

"Wolves" is moody and eerie. The guitars have some sweet tone to them and all around the environment of this song is thick and foreboding. "Japanese Lanterns" is very shoegazy and epic. The drumming on everything so far is not only super well played, but recorded and mixed extremely well. A nice full sound on everything.

The LP takes a traditional punk/grunge turn with "Providence" and "Blue Blood" before turning the reverb back up to full on "Vile & Red". There's some nice delayed guitar and vocals on this track and then it kicks up the energy and volume for its second half.

"Atomic Hearts" has a seriously weird new wave vibe to it, and skirts the line between hi-fi and lo-fi. It's a very interesting song alongside these other ones, and stands out as a black sheep in a super good way.

After a more somber turn in "Eros" and the beginning of "Route 15" the LP picks up more steam and gets the blood pumping again as it prepares for the final songs. "Cut" is the most aggressively sounding song on the album and it's got some heavy riffs and drumming to set the grooves solidly.

"See Your Eyes" closes out the set as a noisy lullaby with a simple bass drum beat and unsettling vocals around fuzzy guitars. A very introspective song, this is a tasteful ending song for this collection.

Apparently Brian likes to stay busy. Here's hoping he stays that way.

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