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Fake Babies talk "Summer Bodies" EP, The Future and Their Show @ Lipgloss Crisis on 9/6!

Fake Babies "Summer Bodies" is spinning all over the state, getting parties started and keeping bodies moving! I had the chance to ask the boys of Fake Babies some questions about their plans for future releases and shows, as well as a look inside their creative process. See the interview below!

Adam: OK first things first, what is that amazing cover art for "Summer Bodies" EP?

Justin Courtney Roberts: I found 3 different pictures of smoke online and just tweaked them. Put some colors in, took some out. Etc. That was the end result. I liked it. Sent it to the fellas and they agreed. It's pretty much exactly how the EP feels to me.

Adam: So what's next for you guys? Planning any new releases? Playing any big shows soon?

Gary Kiernan Velush: On 9/6 we are throwing a classic submarine style event at the Lipgloss Crisis project storefront location on Chapel Street in New Haven. We have Elision Jackson signed up to play. [note: Nuncun+ will also be playing this show!]

As for releases, right now we're happy to be releasing the second EP of a 3 EP set. It's always a long process for us to get our ideas from raw samples to full tracks to stage ready songs and these tracks were no exception.

We used a more personal approach, the whole process from tracking to mastering was done in house which, I feel, has led to a more the most personal artistic statement we've made so far.

Adam: Is dirty soul evolving, if so in what ways are you expanding the boundaries of its definition?

Justin Courtney Roberts: Everything's very natural for us these days. im not sure if dirty soul is evolving. I think Fake Babies is.

Adam: When is the next EP coming out? Can you tell us anything about it?

Justin Courtney Roberts: We are thinking of dropping it in early to mid Dec. And we are always trying to one up the previous release. There's really no main theme yet. We chose to write the third one together as a band together in the same room. We have given thought to dropping random singles that wont be on the ep between now and then also. But we shall see.

Adam: Any plans for any music videos for any of the tracks on "Summer Bodies"?

Justin Courtney Roberts: Yes. Def one of them. Maybe "Raindrops" or "Be Bad". I think all them should get one though. It would be pretty rad. Maybe we will plan one and then have a contest for someone to make the other three. That would be interesting.

Adam: You said things are becoming more natural for you lately as a band? What does that entail? Care to let us in on your creative process?

Justin Courtney Roberts: Yes. More or less there's a very natural progression in our lives these days. We really just wanna make good music. That means we do things the way we want to, when we want to. Sometimes we wont see each other for weeks, which is fine because we are constantly chatting, someones always mixing or writing something on their own time. When we first started, I think we felt it was necessary for us to always hang out and make deadlines and things like that. To the point where I feel like we rushed some stuff. We aren't like that anymore. We are just doing what feels right. If it feels good, do it.

The creative process is varied. The songs on this EP were written all at different times. Be Bad was written a while ago and started out as a jam one day at the house. Then one day we played it out and it was well received. Summer Bodies was written by Bob and Gary one day and was a work in progress for a bit. The song could of went three different ways i feel. Then Jay and myself came in and added some guitar and sample work. They restructured it and now its Summer Bodies. RainDrops was structured in one night pretty much when I was home alone. I showed it to the fellas and I don't think they liked it too much at first. So I let them do some tracking on it and pretty much thats it. Trampin was written by Jay and took a long time to get all the sound perfected. We played that out for months, until we decided to change the structure around. Pretty much everything's done differently based all the time. It's really cool that it works for us like this. We wanted this EP to sound like a summer night. RainDrops-The start of the night-a couple of drinks in you. SummerBodies is when you see that person that you wanna get with/be with. Be Bad is when you guys are ripping eachother's clothes off on the way home. And Trampin is watching the sun come up with that person.

Adam: What locals do you guys like playing with? Any sounds we need to be made aware of?

Gary Kiernan Velush: I think they guys in Florida=Death/Neon Leather Drip (two projects, essentially same personel) have been doing it better than most around CT for years. We've had them down at the submarine. Each show is a surprise.

And of course Milkplop is putting out the most impressive independently produced music I've heard in a long time.

Bob Nuzzello: Milkplop does it right.

Justin Courtney Roberts: I'm with Gary and Bob on this. Milkplop is ill. Florida=Death is awesome also. I wish Kings (John Panos) would play out. And I'm really into Elison Jackson.
I do wish there was a young Female rapper around town or singer who had amazingly produced beats behind her though.

Adam: What are you guys listening to right now? What's been spinnin in yr ears?

Justin Courtney Roberts: New Jai Paul. Metz and Toro Y Moi.

Bob Nuzzello: Michael Kiwanuka.

Gary Kiernan Velush: Yeah, Jai Paul. Joanna Newsom has made her way back into my ears lately also.

Justin Courtney Roberts: Everyone should also check out Aluna George.
Get your hands on the new Fake Babies EP "Summer Bodies" and get your ass down to Lipgloss Crisis on 9/6 to see Fake Babies, Elison Jackson and Nuncun+

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