Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sperm Donor - Accidental Incest

Sweet Jesus! Math and riff heavy Sperm Donor blew my fucking mind with their new album Accidental Incest! Crazy impossible to follow songs and insane energy are crammed into every millisecond of this set of recordings.

She Fucked Kevin Bacon starts like a mean mission impossible theme, chugging like a train as yelling vocals fill the song with a Fugazi despair.

My brain is all like "WTF" as Compulsive Fornicator starts. It's like a twisty take on classic stoner rock. The vocals have a Pixies thing going on in this one too. This album has already covered so much ground and pointed as so many conflicting references that you're barely able to keep up before the song is over and the next one begins.

Slightly slower, but not in any way less intense "So Long Motherfuckers" has the chugging palm muted riffs this album has been hinting at in the past 2 songs. It goes soft, but a dark soft, before climbing back up to face-kicking intensity.

Another really notable track is Song X which has some of the rockiest timing terrain on this album. This is music written by a crazy person. This is amazing and weird and noisy.

Human Warehouse is another crazy fucking song. The first thirty seconds are a musical hyperventilation which then gives you this brief slowdown to catch your breath again before it takes off again at top speed.

The 9th and final song is called "Track 7" and is the longest song on the album by far. This song is an intense and dissonant exercise in progressive and noisy rock. There are tons of parts in this song and these interchange seamlessly despite being extremely different.

This is that kind of album that makes your head spin, it's a sly challenge to try and make it through again, and see if it's any easier to follow.

My favorite thing about this album: it isn't any easier to follow after repeat listens. This takes time and attention to learn. Bravo Sperm Donor, this is what sophistication sounds like.

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