Monday, August 12, 2013

Pools Are Nice - These Things Just Happen

Pools Are Nice have a new EP of lo-fi fuzzed out poppy goodness perfectly suited for the summer. 5 sweet tunes for your ears for free via their bandcamp!

"Sick" is a total party song with a punk flavor. Classy and classic, it evoke's various eras of influence and displays a full and saturated sound. This blown out sound makes this whole EP sound pretty warm and innovative. Everything is dripping with effects and energy.

"DINK!" was on our summer mix q-90, and displays itself proudly in the track 2 "single" spot here. Despite the high energy of this song it also cruises effortlessly, making it seem like writing/playing/recording this song was crazy easy and fun. These are all strange and hard to articulate factors in a stellar pop single, and "DINK!" shows these off proudly and without pretension.

"Taste" sports a nifty dual guitar lick that keeps your attention before some of the more proggy elements of the song take over for you. I really liked this song and thought there was a lot that it offers in terms of composition and placement. At 2:13 this is also the longest song on this EP.

When "Canvas" starts you think you know where it's going: a relaxing non-committal summer jam. But instead it does something a little more challenging, a little more manic. The song is still pleasant and enjoyable but its tone is somewhat darker. Musically its more moody than carefree. This is a very innovative song.

"Pet" closes out the set in a similarly moody fashion. This collection definitely stands as such because of the fuzzy lo-fi sound each of the songs share, as well as the unconventional characteristics about the songs themselves, the singing and guitar playing is especially interesting. This is a very solid EP from a band that has already had a new solid releases. It seems like they are finding and refining their sound more and more as they continue to make these songs. The biggest and best accomplishment any artist can gain from this type of growth is the distancing of oneself from genre, and Pools Are Nice are well on that path!

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