Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fake Babies - Summer Bodies EP

Dirty Soul pioneers Fake Babies have done it again. A new EP to get you moist and limber all night long. This one is jam packed with sweaty hot beats and enough gorgeous melody to get any party started and continue perpetually.

Raindrops starts with speckled R&B samples before kicking into full dance mode, kicking drums and swelling croons keep this track going full steam. This is one of the most poppy tunes I have ever heard from Fake Babies, not just adhering to the "soul" aspect of their specific sound. There are elements of psychedelic music and even some standard radio pop. All in all its a very tasteful blend of sounds, which has always been par-for-the-course with Fake Babies.

The title track is a classy slow jam that is also heavily indicative of the Fake Babies live experience. Deep slow beats and synths create the perfect atmosphere to get anyone in the mood for some sweet love making. The transitions in this song from steady to hushed are all perfectly placed and this song progresses very naturally.

"Be Bad" is a big time crowd pleaser finally released in a recorded format. I know people who have been waiting some time for this song to show up on an EP. This song translated to the recorded format perfectly. The energy is all there, the vocals are stunning, and the steady thumping beat is straight up H.A.M.

"Trampin'" keeps with the course of slow jams, and adds more texture to the vibes set by the previous songs. Much like the last track, the guitar work on this track is exemplary. All expertly played and recorded. There is a TON of atmosphere in this song and if you can't dig this song you will never be able to dig Fake Babies.

Seriously people, be safe out there. Someone at a party could put on this EP and then suddenly you have a full blown orgy on your hands. Always bring protection to Fake Babies shows and use sound judgement when putting on their albums in "risky situations". I'd add "and don't forget to have fun" but something tells me with this EP bumping in your speakers, that wont be something you need to be reminded of.

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