Friday, August 16, 2013

Matt Gouette "Sunnyside" Review

A “pure pop rock genius” is the only way to describe New London rocker Matt Gouette. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold.

Matt recently released yet another gem with the 5 song EP “Sunnyside.” It’s chock full of pop nuggets that sounds like a cross between Matthew Sweet and “Radiation Vibe” era Fountains of Wayne with a hint of Weezer.

Recorded and engineered by Matt Gouette himself, mixed by Jason Banta, and mastered by M. Christopher Cherry, “Sunnyside” is the second release of the year for Matt Gouette. The EP kicks in with a very Stone Roses intro to the song “Nine Kinds Of Terrific.” That fuzzed out guitar, the thumping drums, and humming bass give way to that sweet poppyness that can chill you to the bone.

The third track “My Crumbling Heaven” that has everything you would want in a pop song. It has keyboards, drum machine, dancy guitar leads, and a catchy chorus about someone who kept Matt waiting. Even Britt Daniel would be pleased with this one.

“Sunnyside” ends with a dreamy ballad titled "If I Ever Need You" (which was written by Sandy Allen of The Hoolios). The song slips between the cracks of time and rests somewhere between “Rubber Soul” and “100% Fun”. People like Matt Gouette don’t come along too often. Records like Sunnyside” are a true indication that there is still hope for Pop –Rock.

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