Monday, August 5, 2013

Space Mountain - Ferry Lane

Get your fix of hazy summer rock with the newest Space Mountain album, Ferry Lane! It is fuzzy and lovely and chill as all hell.

"The Vista" opens up the album with a perfect summer jam. It is near impossible not to adopt a relaxed feeling while the song goes past you. It's pleasant and enjoyable on many levels. "Big Dipper" is a rocking lo-fi song that takes the fuzz even farther.

"Night Sky" is a gorgeous song that is as warm and dreamy as it is affecting. Excellent backing vocals provided by Gracelyn Swahn. Another really notable song is "Zombie" which is a high energy fuzz blast brimming with pop flavor. This song is an unstoppable hit.

Title track "Ferry Lane" is somber but still super ear friendly. Space Mountain is certainly a band that knows how to make pleasant sounding rock, without pandering or giving up their individuality. These guys should hook up with Werewolf Police and play a thousand shows together.

Get this album on Space Mountain's bandcamp at the fantastic price of "Name your own"

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