Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ham Radio Operator, Yohsiko Ohara, & Colorguard @ Lipgloss Crisis on 8/25

An awesome noise show at Lipgloss Crisis on Sunday evening, filled with eclectic soundscapes for your ears to enjoy!

From the Facebook Event Page

Got an awesome early night of sonic landscapes coming your way. here's what's what:

Ham Radio Operator : local heavy heroes layering loops and other noises together for an audio joyride through experimentation.

Yoshiko Ohara: Japanese painter Yoshiko Ohara is the vocalist of Bloody Panda, a New York City doom act who share a drummer with Krallice and whose last album came out on Profound Lore Records. Beyond any run-of-the-mill band, Bloody Panda combine funeral doom with elements of arcane world music (gamelan, tabla, etc), urban grit (Swans-level intensity), and theater (the band often perform in executioners' hoods).

Yoshiko Ohara's first solo album, Ringing in Our Wrists, was released in April this year on Ice Level Music, the label founded by Kayo Dot frontman/composer Toby Driver. Her new solo performances are ultra intense one-woman shows, often with visual projections. She's a powerhouse and one of a kind.

Colorguard: Hauntingly minimalistic improvisations from New Haven guitarist (Mountain Movers, Medication) and noise-maker Kryssi Battalene.

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